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Horny Goat Brewing Company

Steven’s Point, WI

Stacked Milk Stout

ABV – 4.0%

IBU – Unavailable

It’s funny, the Horny Goat website describes Stacked Milk Stout as “full bodied and drinkable”. I’m not sure either of those adjectives actually apply to this ale.

 I poured the dark brown ale into a pint glass and watched as an off-white head formed and rapidly faded.

 The aroma was a bit deceiving. When I held the glass to my nose, I was immediately hit by a rich, roasted malt intermingled with chocolate and the slightest hint of coffee. With an aroma like that, I couldn’t help but think…”this is going to be good”.

 However, Stacked Milk Stout simply did not deliver. It was strangely bitter with a watered down, somewhat vague malt flavor that fades to a strangely sour finish.

 Horny Goat’s description of Stacked states that it is creamy and smooth. Really? Creamy? Are you sure? Do they know what creamy actually means?

 I’m not even sure it is really a stout. Stacked seemed more like a sort of watered down brown porter.

 I’ve been drinking beer a long time. In that time, I’ve drank a lot of crap. Horny Goat’s Stacked Milk Stout is without a doubt among the crappiest beers I’ve ever drank. I will never…I mean it…NEVER have another.

 I’m sure some of you probably will disagree with me…and that’s fine…but I think there are far better beers out there for you to spend your money on.


Josh Frank


Shipwrecked's Bayside Blonde Ale

Shipwrecked Brewing Company

Egg Harbor, WI (Door County)


Bayside Blonde Ale


ABV – unavailable

IBU- unavailable



This lovely blonde ale is brewed by Door County Wisconsin’s only brew pub. For some, being the only game in town might make you a bit complacent, but not these guys. I’ll go into some of Shipwrecked’s other offering over the coming days and weeks, but you can be sure that when you grab a pint of shipwrecked ale, they’re brewing their very best for you.

 I don’t drink many blonde ales. I’ll say that up front. So maybe I’m not the best judge of this style.

 As I poured the golden, yellow ale into one of my many Great Lakes Brewfest souvenir glasses, I was honestly expecting not to like it. I was hoping that at best, I could give a fair review.

 I held the glass to my nose…then took a few seconds to watch as the white head quickly dissipated. I took another whiff and found the aroma to be sweet and malty.

 Bayside Blonde is crisp, clean and nicely carbonated. It’s sweet with the slightest bit of bitterness at the finish. This ale goes down nice and easy…seems like it would make a great session ale.

 As I mentioned at the beginning, I don’t make a habit of chasing blondes. It’s just not my style, but this ale makes me think that maybe I should give blonde ales another chance.

 I’d say that Shipwrecked Brewing Company’s Bayside Blonde is a 4 star example of just how great a blonde can be.




Josh Frank