Potosi Snake Hollow IPA in the Glass


Snake Hollow IPA

Potosi Brewing Company

Potosi , WI

ABV – 7%

IBU – 70

I’m new to writing about my beer drinking experiences…so bear with me.

 When I initially visited the Potosi Brewing Company site and read the brief summary on Snake Hollow IPA, I thought maybe I was in for an exercise in extreme beer-drinking. The brief description talked about how the IPA was hopped “plentifully in the kettle” and then hopped again prior to being aged. It is described as a “sturdy beer” that is sure to “satisfy the many hopheads among new-aged beer aficionados”. The hophead in me couldn’t wait

 I cracked open a bottle of Snake Hollow…sniffed the bottle…poured it into a tulip glass and inhaled deeply. The aroma was fantastic. I may have drooled on myself in anticipation. The slight smell of citrus intermingled with just a touch of pine. What more could a hop-lover ask for, right.

 The beer itself is golden, almost amber in color. Nicely carbonated with a fluffy, white head atop the ale. The head actually lingers for quite a while…so overall, nice head retention.

 The first sip was quite a surprise. I’d expected hops to the extreme. Snake Hollow IPA is mellow, well-balanced and complex from first sip to last. The first thing to hit the tongue is a pleasant malty sweetness followed by citrusy hop tones. The finish is slightly dry and grassy…and left me craving more. I was sad to see the glass empty.

 Potosi Snake Hollow IPA is one tasty beer. I can see it becoming a regular in my fridge and it is certainly a beer that I would recommend to a friend. I’m not exactly sure what the rating scale is going to be on my reviews here…

 If this was a star based system with 5 stars being the tops…I’d have to say Potosi Snake Hollow IPA is at least 4 and ½. This is a fantastic beer that I will definitely be revisiting over and over again.


josh frank



These reviews are only my opinion.   In the end, you should check this breweries out for yourself.