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Wasatch Beers – Polygamy Porter


Polygamy Porter

Wasatch Beers

 Salt Lake City, Utah

7.0% ABV

I opened a bottle of Polygamy Porter and poured it slowly into a pint glass. The porter is dark brown, nearly black with a creamy beige head that clings to the glass with every movement. A cascade of carbonation bubbled up from the depths of the ale.

 The aroma was mostly of roasted barley but gave hints of chocolate and held the promise of a nice flavorful porter.

 The first sip brought only disappointment, as did each sip thereafter. There are the slightest coffee tones, but beyond that the flavors seemed vague and watered down. If only Polygamy Porter could have tasted half as good as it smelled…or maybe not smelled so good to begin with.

 If we’re sticking with the stars motif, I’d have to say that Polygamy Porter is two stars.


josh frank



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