Upland Dragonfly IPA in a Pint Glass


Upland Brewing Company

Bloomington, IN

Dragonfly IPA

6.5% ABV

50 IBU

Upland Brewing Company’s website states that Dragonfly IPA features 7 hop additions. On paper, that’s enough to make any hophead drool. In reality, Dragonfly really was a bit of a let down.

 I poured my Dragonfly IPA into one of my favorite Great Lakes Brewfest pint glasses. It is golden in color and had a little bit of white foam on top that dissipated rather quickly. It appears to be unfiltered though I can’t find any reference to that on the Upland site or on the bottle.

 The aroma is malty and sweet with a citrusy hop tone beneath.

 Dragonfly IPA is light and crisp, but the initial flavor to hit my tongue is a slight metallic taste. However it quickly fades to a malty sweetness with sort of grassy hop flavor and has a dry finish.

 This is not an IPA that I will be drinking more of. It may be the right beer for someone…and really is not a bad example of an IPA, but when a brewer makes a point of saying that a beer has had 7 hop additions, that sets certain expectations and Dragonfly let me down. I’d say this is probably 3 stars, but it is not the beer for me. I certainly will not be recommending it to my friends. Should they find it on their own…they can proceed at their own risk and form their own opinions.