This is my first “Beer n Shtuff” post.   I’m passionate about good beer and needed a place to come to talk beer, post some reviews…maybe the odd homebrew recipe…stuff like that.

I’ll do my best to keep this regularly updated…so try to stop by as often as you can.  Who knows, maybe i’ll be able to turn you on to a beer you’ve never tried or been interested in before.

My taste in beer has changed over the years.  I first fell in love with the dark and malty stouts and porters, but over time have become a bit of a hophead.  These days, my dad and I enjoy chasing down the hoppiest IPA’s we can get out hands on.

The funny thing is, they’re not always microbrews.  One of my favorite IPA’s right now is made by the Big Horn Brewing Company (the folks that operate the RAM brew pubs).   There is something to be said for consistency.  I know that I can walk into any RAM Brewpub, order a Big Red IPA and it will be fantastic every single time.   On the more micro side of the aisle, I’m hooked on an IPA called Bitter Woman that is made by Tyranena Brewing Company in Lake Mills, WI.  I’ll get around to posting reviews of these and others later on…

Anyway, if you stumble across a beer that you’d like me to check out or review…or if there’s anything else you’d like to see here…drop me a line at